Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Skin Probiotic Spray

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Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Skin Probiotic Spray, Preservative-Free, 3.4 fl oz (2-Pack). 

  • PATENTED LIVE PROBIOTIC – Formulated with a live “peacekeeper” microscopic organisms for more advantageous looking skin.
  • EASY TO USE – Spray on perspiration inclined regions anyplace on body twice a day.
  • POWERFUL RESULTS – Better looking & feeling skin inside the initial a month and a decreased reliance on antiperspirants, lotions, and other products.
  • SIMPLE INGREDIENTS, ONE POWERFUL PROBIOTIC – Made from water, live-refined Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB), disodium phosphate (inorganic salt used to control pH), magnesium chloride (inorganic salt used to cushion the AOB)
  • SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – No unforgiving synthetic concoctions implies it’s safe for grown-ups, teenagers, and children, and all skin composes, incorporating those with greatly touchy skin. The majority of our items are plant-determined, additive free, unfragranced, sensitivity tried, non-chafing, hypoallergenic, clinically-tried & dermatologist-reviewed.

We’ve Been Too Clean

For quite a while, we’ve been informed that murdering 99.9% of microscopic organisms was what we needed, that it’s the most ideal approach to be perfect and solid. We have faith in an alternate methodology.

Mother Dirt AO+ Mist Skin Probiotic Spray Clout Wear

Skin Needs Good Bacteria

Much the same as our gut needs great microscopic organisms to be sound, the equivalent is valid for our skin. The AO+ Mist is a splash that reestablishes a live microorganisms that once lived on our skin as a peacekeeper yet was evacuated with present day cleanliness and ways of life. We at Mother Dirt, alongside our exploration accomplice AOBiome, are attempting to reestablish the skin to its common state before present day cleanliness and science intruded with it.

Patented Technology

The live microorganisms in the AO+ Mist is called Ammonia-Oxidizing Bacteria (AOB). This microorganism is found wherever in nature and is known as the “peacekeeper” in light of the essential job it plays in keeping balance in the biological community.

How It Works

The microorganisms in the AO+ Mist expend the disturbing parts of your perspiration and convert it once more into helpful things for the skin. This likewise enables keep to keep up a typical pH on the skin.

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